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for various programs: holidays, schools, libraries, communities, and disabilities; partnering with shopping centres and councils.

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engaging, educational, impactful initiatives to combat textile waste
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Learn about textile waste for a more sustainable future

At A Fitting Connection,
we empower individuals, schools, councils, and organisations
to actively participate in reducing textile waste 

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A Fitting Connection

Meet the Change-makers – Simone, Jodie, Katrina, and Fiona: We are proactive change-makers. We actively seek out wasteful practices, innovate solutions, and establish vital connections to drive action against the textile waste crisis.

We facilitate 

    • Upcycling workshops
    • Textile recovery collections
    • Community clothing swaps
    • Sustainable fundraising products
    • Reclaimed textiles products





Today I experienced something I have never experienced before (after a football activity with my son at Point Cook Shopping Centre)



Ondrus Waste Education

It was such a lovely workshop with a very successful attendance. I attended the first session at 1 pm and the room was packed full of kids and parents. Amazing work on a successful workshop and look forward to working further with A Fitting Connection on future workshops and programs.


Fashion Consultant, Photography Stylist

Thank you very much for the opportunity to speak and for organising the Virtues of Fashion panel discussion.

I really enjoyed being part of the event.

I also thought I would pass on that I got some positive feedback from some of the audience members and from an online participant.

Looking forward to speaking at the Saturday clothes swap day this week. See you then.

Much appreciated.

our workshops

and other sustainable initiatives

upcycling workshops

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Engaging craft-based workshops that breathe new life into pre-loved textiles, all the while gaining insights into the world of sustainable fashion.

Who can benefit: Our offerings cater to a diverse range of audiences, including pre-schools, schools, libraries, disability service providers, shopping centres, and various other groups in search of enriching incursions, holiday programs, activations, community projects, and unforgettable children’s parties.

purpose-driven school & community fundraisers

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Transforming textile waste into valuable products that are sold to generate funds, all while making a meaningful impact.

Explore our in-school program, Fundraising With Purpose, which empowers students to become eco-conscious entrepreneurs.

Who can benefit: Our initiative is designed for schools, non-profit organisations, community groups, and businesses eager to raise funds while contributing to their local communities.

textile collection initiative:
Drop Off for a greener tomorrow

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Exciting news! We are thrilled to announce that we now offer FREE textile drop-offs at all our workshops.

We are also partnering with Upcycle 4 Better, an organisation that shares our commitment to a greener planet, we are on a mission to divert textiles from landfills and recover them for their best uses.

Who Can Benefit: Everyone interested in textile sustainability, environmental conservation, and making a positive impact on the planet. If you’re passionate about diverting textiles from landfills and promoting eco-friendly practices, join us in this important initiative.

sustainable gift-giving shop

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Discover the joy of purposeful gift-giving at our sustainable shop. 

Explore eco-friendly birthday and Christmas gift ideas, and find the perfect gifts for the whole family, all while championing our mission of
a more sustainable lifestyle.

Who can benefit: Anyone seeking sustainable birthday and Christmas gift ideas, unique gifts, or thoughtful surprises will find inspiration in our shop.

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The fast fashion industry currently ranks among the world’s most significant contributors to pollution, and Australian consumers are among the leading contributors
to textile waste

Every 10 minutes, a staggering 6 tons of textiles end up in Australian landfills

That’s an approximate annual waste of
23 kilograms per person


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