What To Supply a Manufacturer

You have the idea, you have sourced the clothing manufacturer and now you want to produce your first samples. Let’s check if you have everything you need to support the clothing manufacturer to create your samples?

1.  Have you drawn/sketched what you want to create?
Clothing manufacturers are not mind readers. They will need a drawing/sketch of what you want your end product to look like.

2.  Have you thought about fabrics and trims?
Before the clothing manufacturer can even create a pattern, they need to know what sort of fabric you want your garment made in and what trims and embellishments you wish to use. All these aspects will affect the fit, care and cost of the product. It is also highly recommended to send the clothing manufacturer actual fabrics/garments that you like so they know what fabric to source for you.

3.  Have you fully thought about the functionality of the garment?
There is no point having the best looking fashion illustration if it’s impossible to put on, let alone wear. Your garment illustration should be detailed with seams and stitching details. Most clothing manufacturers are visual people and often their first language is not English so they rely heavily on images to tell the story. They will read and have your comments/notes translated, but if you can include as much detail in the garment illustration as possible it takes a lot of the hard work out of it for them.

4.  What do you want your garment to measure or fit?
A specification of the garment is needed for the clothing manufacturer to be able to create a sample. They need to know the sample size you want the garment made in. Giving them a guide to the measurements is important so that they can achieve the best fit possible on the first sample. If you have a garment you love the fit of that is in a similar fabric to what you are after, it will decrease the guess work for the manufacturer. It’s also highly recommended to send them actual garments that you like the fit of so that they can replicate it.

5.  Have you created a specification pack?
Most, if not all, the information above is normally set out in a specification pack. This helps the garment manufacturer by having all the information in one place. Each time they work on the style they refer to this specification pack to ensure everything is as it should be.

6.  How to create a specification pack?
If you want to create your own specification pack we have templates available, or we are more than happy to work with you to create one on your behalf.  Shoot us an email we would love to help you.

Katrina and Team x