Love, Pride and Respect.

This week we took to the stores with one of our clients who designs and produces ‘occasion wear’, to do some comparisons of quality and sizing with brands she holds as competitors. 

Our team, myself included, have worked with brands that predominantly target the average income of every day working families. With this target markent there are some things we need to adapt to fit in with the price point.  With that in mind, we naturally expect that ‘occasion wear’ and our client’s price point that ‘close enough is not good enough’. The quality in fit, fabric and workmanship needs to be spot on, otherwise customers either return the product or will not be returning customers.

So today upon our store visit we were shocked with some of the things we found in a well-known store that stocks high end ‘occasion wear’. The garments were generally priced 1.5 to 2 times as much as our clients styles using similar if not the same fabric. Fits were inconsistent and sizing was hideously unrealistic. Not to mention we found poor lining colour matching (if they were lined at all) and ordinary workmanship. 

We share all this in hope to draw attention to something that I detest, and that is a lack of pride and respect. Pride in a product that these un-named labels have in their product, and respect for their customers. If that isn’t important enough, respect for the environment.  Why you ask do I mention the environment? Because for every garment produced so many resources go into producing it. All the off-cut fabric and other wastes that find their way to land fill, as well as the carbon footprint left behind from getting it from the manufacturer to point of sale (let alone the customers home). So when a garment is made as cheaply as possible, or shortcuts are taken when they are making plenty of profit, there is no respect. These garments should be made with care and made to last. We can’t help but feel that even at a price point of in excess of $300, a large portion of the population care more about their image than the planet… otherwise perhaps these labels would improve their work practices

If you’re a label owner, please think twice about your business and the product you produce.

If you’re a customer, please look more closely at the garments you’re buying and don’t settle for something that just looks good.  Make sure it’s made with love, pride and respect.

Katrina & Team x