Monthly Archives: June 2018

Meet Tarmi our Designer

The team that makes up A Fitting Connection have all been extremely busy and our designer Tarmi is no exception.  So I really appreciate the time she has taken to answer a few questions so you can all get to know her a little better. 

Give Your Unwanted Bra a New Life

How many bras do you currently have in your underwear draw? Could you imagine not having a choice of which bra to wear or worse, not having a bra at all?

Spec Sheet V’s Spec Pack

Specification sheet (or more commonly known as a Spec sheet) can be found in a Spec Pack. And together they provide important details to ensure the manufacture’s team understands what your finished garment/s should look like. A Spec Pack will help produce accurate samples and improve sample turnaround time as well as simplify communication during all stages of sampling, production and quality control.