My Why…… What’s Yours?

About 18 months ago I was asked “What is your why?”

I gave them my standard reply of “So I can work around my kidlets”. This person turned to me and said “That is an outcome of what you do and there are many things that will allow you to be there for your kids”. Again, she asked “What is your why?”. This question sat with me for many months.

Then one day I had that light bulb moment… But before I share my why, I will share a little about me.

As a young girl (actually about a similar age to my daughter, and yes I can see myself in her… I’m shaking my head as I know I’m in trouble) I could be given magazines and I would sit for hours cutting, gluing and creating. It wasn’t long until I moved on from Nan’s magazine to sitting with Grandma and creating bag dispensers from fabric and old tea towels.  I had that mastered and moved on to body suits with my Auntie all before I went to high school. Sewing at high school was a breeze so I would always extend my creations. One day I pushed my teacher to the point of her having to say “Sorry we can’t make bodysuits as I don’t know how”.  Either she wasn’t a great teacher or she was trying to shut me up… I’m not sure which one, maybe both. I turned around and said “I do, I will teach the girls that would rather make bodysuits over tee shirts” (body suits were all the rage at the time). I don’t think she knew what to say to that and let us go.  Anyway, where was I? 

Along the way I saved up for an overlocker (which I still have) that I paid for by creating my own patterns to make clothes for Barbie dolls and selling them at markets. It was a great little money spinner I must say. Keeping in mind this was before the days of Google, internet shopping and toys being so cheap.

I hear what you’re thinking, ‘So why doesn’t she have her own fashion label?’.  And the answer to that is simple, it’s never appealed to me. I can remember my first dream business in the ‘fashion industry’ being a fabric store that had a safe corner for the kids to play whilst mothers chat and create or take a class or two.  But as time went on this dream quietly died when making your own clothes went by the way side. Even Lincraft clearly struggled to maintain their business (which still saddens me).

Over the last year or so I have drilled down what it is that drives me, what makes me smile, what will get me out of bed in the morning and keep me up late at night. And that is my desire to be a part of a community, a sense that I’m helping people and imparting the knowledge that I have gained over the years. 

So with 20 odd years of fashion industry experience behind me, a desire to share my knowledge and my love of creating a community, I created my current business venture; A Fitting Connection.

If you don’t know your why, I highly recommend you take some time to ponder what it is that drives you. I can honestly say that finding out my why, has given me direction and a sense of achievement.  Yes it’s early days, but knowing my WHY means that achieve and celebrate lots of mini wins and goals on a regular occasion.Which in itself is a great motivator to continue to strive for more. If we can’t celebrate along the way it’s a very long and tough journey!

What is your why?

Katrina xx