Your Fitting Connection Freight Guide to Importing Your Goods

So your all over the design, sampling and producing side of things… least you think you have a handle on it, and if not you know the team at A Fitting Connection are right there to lead a hand if your in need.But now your a little confused and/or worried when it comes to how to get the products in once it’s made.Don’t worry we have your back here as well.

1.   Getting Started with Freight

Firstly, always check with Australian Customs and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) if you can legally import the goods.  

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 Please check if any import permits are required and if the country of origin has a free trade agreement with Australia which may save you money on customs & duty.


2.   Negotiate & Control Your Costs

 The A Fitting Connection (AFC) Freight Team recommend FOB terms as the best option as you then have control of the freight and arrival charges.

But what dose FOB mean you ask?FOB means Free on Board: Supplier delivers to the nearest port / airport and pays the local charges. Freight, arrival, customs clearance, duties & taxes, and delivery charges to the importer.For more definitions to abbreviations, head over to out blog Acronyms & Abbreviations

You will need to negotiate the freight / inco terms with the supplier where possible.

3.   Nominate a Freight Forwarder

Next you are best to arrange the freight with the AFC freight team who will act as your Australian freight forwarder in order to control your costs and save your $$$. The freight team will deal with your overseas supplier to move goods via air or sea to Australia.


 4.   Upon Arrival of your shipment from overseas

Your shipment is due to arrive in Australia, your shipment from here will need to arrange customs clearance, quarantine, and delivery from the airport or sea port to your site


5.   Australian Customs & Duty

Once the goods arrive there will likely be import 10% GST and possibly 5% Duty applicable (depending on the tariff and country of origin) & This is where the free trade agreement may apply.


6.   AFC Freight Team

The freight team offer you solutions & assist every step of your import, we are here for any other freight enquiries you may have.


Happy Shipping

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