Rewarding Collaboration

Whitsundays Retreat ~ May 2017

For those of you that have organised a photo shoot, you know it can be pricey as well as take up quite a bit of time. But what if we were to tell you that it didn’t have to be?

The team at A Fitting Connection are very excited to announce that we have teamed up with Wilde Collaborative to bring you our Connection, Style & Shoot service.

Wilde Collaborative is founded by the experienced marketing team of, Wilde Gluten Free Beers, a well know Australian Craft beer and we bring both an understanding of product branding and social media to our content creation.  

We understand what a business wants when working with influencers or content creators.  This insight has allowed us to craft a unique approach to photo-shoots and tailor our content creation packages so that they provide the maximum value and exposure for both the brand and models.

As our name suggests A Fitting Connection is all about our connections and making sure they are the fitting ones. Which is why we have reached out to Wilde Collaborative who’s strengths are also connecting with innovative small businesses and influencers.  

We love social media and it’s powerful marketing potential. Our approach to content creation is centred around beautiful lifestyle imagery that tells the story of your brand in an aesthetically pleasing and unique way.  

Lake Macquarie ~ Wilde Collaborative

Why Collaborate?

We say, ‘Why not?’ but for those that need convincing here are a few reasons why.

1. Professional image at a fraction of the cost

Once you start looking at the cost of a photo shoot the costs can quickly add up.  Our collaboration photo shoot package is a fraction of the cost of a professional photo shoot for the same great professional result  because your sharing the costs with a number of other brands.

Lake Macquaire ~ Wilde Collaborative

2. Products will be seen by a new audience

Do you currently use influencers? Or would like to but can’t afford them?
Because we team your products with complementing products, you will share the same or a similar group of photos that you can each use in your marketing and social media. Yes they are not your typical influencers however their customers and audience will see your products being used and consciously, or subconsciously, think these products must be great if another brand is using them.  While it’s not a policy to tag other brands, we strongly encourage it. When we work together we achieve more than when we work alone. Also, the model (if required) will be posting and tagging brands which again widens the reach on social media.

3. You will create new networks

While we do all the co-coordinating leading up to and on the day, you are still part of the network. You will learn about and e-meet the business that your products will be teamed up with.  You cannot put a price on networking. It opens up to many new and exciting opportunities

4. Save yourself time

You can spend hours upon hours co-coordinating the right look for your photo shoot let alone the hours or days you block out for the actual photo shoot. We handle all of this! Imagine what you could be doing for your business in the hours we have saved you. What would you do instead?

5. Access to more images

You may still want to do your own photo shoot but how often do you need a few more images for a promotion, or a new and exciting release, or for that product that didn’t quite make the photo shoot?  Lets face it, we can never have enough content to use on Facebook and Instagram.

Would you like to take the next step?

Shoot us an email, be sure to let us know a little bit about yourself and your brand, and we will send you all the details you need.


Chat soon

Katrina & Team x