Making the Most of your Lookbooks & Line Sheets

Presenting your fabulous collection to potential stockists can be challenging. If you don’t have the right program to create the lookbook or if you are a small business with little time or attention to give it, it can negatively impact the first impression of your designs.

But don’t despair, we have found a great little platform that is easy to use and not only does it allow you to create a multiple of different layouts and line sheets but also has the function to take orders with a click of a button!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  • Upload photos

  • Create your sizing

  • Input your descriptions

  • Choose your layout

  • Click a button and print to pdf, file or paper

They can even do all the inputting of the data for you. But what makes us excited about this program is its ability to allow your customers to view the lookbook/line sheet and with a click of a button place their order and forward a copy to both parties.  

Once your sale period is over, all the sales can be downloaded into a spreadsheet making it easier to send your orders straight to the manufacturer.  

We also like that there are different subscriptions available to suit all budgets and different size businesses. And with an offer of 30 day free trial for new users, we highly recommend taking a moment to have a play around and see if the platform is for you. Click over to Line Sheet, leave your details so they can set a profile up for you and be sure to quote AFC20 to take advantage of 20% discount should you decide to take up a paid subscription.

What to take a sneak peak? Here are a few links for their tutorial videos
(1) How easy to create a line sheet from scratch

(2) How to make a line sheet

(3) How to customize a line sheet

(4) Smart order for buyers

(5) Instant order for sales at trade shows

Katrina & Team x