Meet Ela our Patternmaker

Sadly for A Fitting Connection our patternmaker Jewelz, has decided to hang up her tools. While this has taken us a little to get use to as Jewelz become a wonderful addition to our team here, we fully support Jewelz with her decision. And with everything Jewelz did she hasn’t let us down as she went and found a wonderful replacement for herself. 

Every change brings about new possibilities and here at A Fitting Connection we embrace these with enthusiasm. And with that we would like to introduce the newest member of our team Ela.

1.       Why do you love doing what you do? 

I love being able to interpret design ideas and bring them to life.  I love the creative problem solving aspect to patternmaking, as well as the craft of creating a garment that someone will wear. 

2.       How long have you been in the fashion industry?

15 years 

3.       Have you always been a pattern maker? 

I started out as a design assistant, but after about 1 year, quickly transitioned into Patternmaking as I felt much more comfortable interpreting designs than coming up with the concepts to begin with.  I found that I could actually get lost in the pattern process, the amazing feeling when your mind takes over and you are working in a flow state! 

4.       What are some of the labels/brands you have worked for/with?

BODY, Bettina Liano, River Island, Asos(UK), Sportsgirl, MYER and Portmans. 

5.       What has been your most rewarding job?

I have always felt the most rewarded when the design team, production team and patternmaker are all working really well together to create a beautiful product.  Plus enjoying the actual nitty gritty of my work has been a huge bonus to job satisfaction. 

6.       What was the best brand to work for?

To be honest I can’t choose – I have loved them all in different ways as they have helped me develop different skills. 

I loved my first job for BODY – a small Melbourne label, I was able to learn skills across all aspects of the business.  Then at Bettina Liano – I was supported to do further Patternmaking study with Barbara Davis, and also to learn the Gerber CAD system which was also amazing.  In the UK and then back in Melbourne working for the bigger brands, I have been able to build on skills in achieving good fit and developing a commercial product together in a team. 

7.       What excites you about the future in fashion?

I am excited about the possibilities of 3D Software, and how that can help us to cut down on the amount of samples made before we make a physical sample.  This is my current area of career development.

 8.       What would you like to see more of in the industry?

Love seeing the changes towards more sustainable practices and transparency.

9.       What are your favorite brands and why?

Don’t really have favorites, I like it when people do something different to push the boundaries – also when they create a beautiful product.

10.   Moving away from the fashion industry, what makes your heart sing? 

Community, connection with people, passion & creativity in what you do… Love cooking, gardening and getting outdoors when I can!


Thank you so much for sharing your passion and a little insight to the person that you are Ela. It’s an honor to have you as a part of our team here at ‘A Fitting Connection’.   

Katrina & Team x