Production options outside of China

If your like many brands and business around the world, that have been waiting patiently for China to resume after CNY, and now find yourself in a stressful position due to corona virus. Waiting for the manufacturers to return work was bad enough (this is not to say we don’t care about the well-being anyone we like to presume those we know are safe/well) we are faced with them running on skeleton staff due to restrictions on travel within China.

To help take the stress out of the situation you need to be armed with information. Here are a list of questions you need to ask your manufacture.

  1. Do they have the fabric for the samples/bulk order

  2. Can they obtain the fabric needed

  3. Do they have the staff/factory to make the samples/bulk order

  4. When can you expect receive the samples/bulk order

If they answer positively to the above and can give you solid replies and approximate dates then your sitting in a pretty good position


What happens if your not receiving positive feedback from your team in China. At this point we are recommending to act quick especially if you have dead lines. Form those that we have been speaking to in China we are speculating uncertain times ahead for at least other month if not longer. The immediate problems we see China manufactures faced with are

  1. Staffing problems

  2. Supplies of fabric/raw material

While these issues maybe rectified in the not too distant future, we feel that there will be a snowball effect that potentially will cost those relaying on China more than just 2mths of tools down time.

On the upside we have a few options to support the move from China to other countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India or even here in Australia. For example we just introduced a major chain store needing 9000 aprons ASAP with a trusted manufacture in Pakistan (who also produce active and work wear). Knit fabrics are not an issue with our trusted factory in Bangladesh who knit fabric to order and specialise in bamboo, organic cotton, recycled yarns and special finishes such as UV protection. And we have you covered with every day wear with our manufacture in India or we can help you with small runs here in Australia.

What we are saying is that there are options, you just need to gather facts, take a breath and reach out to us as your help line.

Breath and take it one step at a time
Katrina & team XX