Upcycling ~ Live Streamed Workshops

With six thousand kilograms of clothing and textiles being sent to landfill every ten minutes, it’s time we rethink the life cycle of the clothes we no longer want; individuals and businesses a like. Regardless of the fit or style, more often than not the fabric that the garments are made from, still has a lot of life left in it.

Our team is passionate about giving clothing a second life, whether it’s a unique one-off piece or working with fashion labels with an over order. There is hidden beauty within these items and our team loves to harness it, to create give new life!


Which is why we are excited to be participating in Nillumbik Council’s Arts & Cultural Development live steaming workshop initiative. Over the month of June we are going live with 4 workshops focused on upcycling garments/accessories and we would love you to join us

  1. Neck Wrap

  2. Slouchy Beanie

  3. Tie Collar

  4. Gathered Skirt

If you love sewing or creating new from old we would love you to tune in. To receive the patterns you will need for the first 2 items please choose from the options below.

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Patterns are $8 each incl postage (Australia ONLY)

We will email you an invoice with bank details. Please email us with your transfer receipt and address and we will send the patterns out within 24hrs.

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