Tee Shirt Patches ~ Purposeful & Fun

Extend the life of your garment with a patch

Our patches have been made from left over textiles from our workshops and upcycling projects. So not only are you extending the life of your garments but your also saving fabric going to landfill.

Our patches are easy to apply even if you don’t know how to sew.

1. Arrange patch/es as desired

2. Peel off the paper backing

3. Place back in location and press with a warm iron (do not steam)

You can choose to leave it like this.

4. Optional but highly recommended because the adhesive will eventually disintegrate with washing.  

Hand stitch the patches on with a simple straight stitch or you can try your hand at a decorative stitch like a blanket stitch.

Here are basic instructions for the blanket stitch.

1. To begin the blanket stitch, find your baseline. In the illustration, the baseline is the dashed line at the bottom of the stitches.

2. Come up at A.

3. Insert the needle into the fabric at B and bring it back out at C. Your working thread must be under the needle as you come back out at C so that it catches. The resulting stitch should resemble a backward L.


Happy Patching

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