Clothing Swap with Purpose ~ How it Works

Come along to our Clothing Swap With Purpose and start building your sustainable wardrobe!

Our Clothing Swap with Purpose is more than just an opportunity to update your wardrobe. You’ll also learn how to shop with more purpose – choosing flattering pieces you’ll wear again and again, and identifying the most sustainable garment fabrics and make-up. Your shopping will benefit not only your wardrobe, but also Mother Earth.

The next Clothing Swap With Purpose – Winter will be held at:

3:00-5:00pm, Sunday 1 May 2022
Edendale Community Environment Farm
30 Gastons Rd, Eltham, 3095


At the Clothing Swap, you’ll be able to browse through pre-sorted winter clothing to choose new-to-you pieces at bargain prices, plus learn how to make more sustainable fashion choices that benefit our planet.

And if you also donate clothing for the Swap in advance, you’ll be able to shop using eTokens instead of money.

You’ll also get to enjoy:

  • An introduction to building your sustainable wardrobe, by Jodie & Jewelz of A Fitting Connection
  • How to choose perfect wardrobe pieces in your best colours and styles, with Alison de Boer of Science of Style
  • Styling competition and fashon parade, plus auction of styled outfits.

And we’ll be helping you identify the most sustainable garment choices with our unique red-yellow-green tagging system.

This is a ticketed event, priced at $25. Purchase at No tickets will be available on the day.

Profits from the event will go towards funding local schools to take part in the Fundraising with Purpose School Program, which teaches our youth how to turn textile waste into upcycled products that they can then sell to raise funds for their school or a local organisation.

Any surplus clothes from the day will be recycled in the following ways:

  • Non-wearable – sent to Upparel
  • Wearable – The most sustainable items kept for the next Clothing Swap with Purpose. Other items will be donated to a local charity.

How The Clothing Swap Works

  1. Prior to the market, you drop off your quality used winter clothing at Apollo Parkways (or Edendale Farm, on the day)
  2. You receive eTokens for your usable donations
  3. We sort and price the clothing ready for sale
  4. You come to the market, find something you love, and take it home for a bargain price…using tokens or money.
  5. You go home with a new outfit PLUS a warm glow from helping the environment!

Schedule On The Day

  • Arrival – guests check in
  • Welcome and introductions
  • Jodie & Jewelz from A Fitting Connection chat about fast fashion, textile waste and simple things that we can do to reduce our impact
  • Alison from Science of Style talks about why we should be dressing to our shape and colouring
  • Shopping begins (approx. 30 mins after opening time)
  • Mini fashion parade and outfits auctioned off
  • Funds raised announced 
  • Thank yous


Q: Do I have to donate to be able to buy clothes?
A: No, but the more donations we receive the better, as it gives everyone a wider choice, and makes it a true ‘swap’ rather than a sale.

Q: What items can I donate?
A: For this Clothing Swap, we’re after winter-weight clothes (or items that can be layered) for women, men or children. They need to be in good condition. We won’t be accepting accessories or shoes this time round.

Q: How do I donate clothes?
A: By either dropping them to Apollo Parkways before the day (contact Katrina for the address) or between 1-2pm on the day at the venue, prior to the market starting at 3pm. We know donating is an extra step, but this is what we need to do to move to a more sustainable economy, and it’s why we’re keeping the event local.

Q: How many tokens will I receive?
A: That depends on the type of clothing, the quality, plus how sustainable the fabric is. You can view a list of valuations below. eTokens will be emailed to you once we’ve sorted through your donated items.

Q: How much will clothes cost at the swap?
A: They’ll be super-cheap! From $1 for t-shirt to only $7 for a fully lined jacket. They will be the same price as you receive for a similar donated item – there is no mark-up.

Q: Why is there a cover charge?
A: We are selling clothes at the same price we buy them, so we need to charge a cover fee to cover our event costs. Any profits made will go towards running our Fundraising With Purpose School Program, which teaches children how to turn pre-loved textiles into saleable products. Please note all tickets must be pre-purchased.

Q: Will there be clothing in my size?
A: We hope so! But this is where we need you to donate clothes and invite all your friends – to provide lots of clothing choice, we need as many people as possible to donate. By all contributing, we can make this clothing swap a success for everyone!

Q: Can I try clothes on?
A: Yes! We will have a change area at the Swap.

Q: How can I pay on the day?
A: You can purchase clothing by cash, card or eTokens (which you’ll receive for donated items). Please note all event tickets must be pre-purchased.

Q: What happens if I have leftover tokens?
A: You will be able to use them at our next Clothing Swap With Purpose. We plan on running at least 2 per year.

Token & Tagging Guide

We’ll be tagging clothes with a traffic-light system to show how sustainable each garment is. This way, you can easily shop with purpose and confidence. 

  • RED – Stop. This garment is made from 100% man-made fibres. Is there a more sustainable option?
  • YELLOW – Wait. This garment is a mix of natural and man-made fibres. Do I need this item? Is the man-made fibre helping the longevity of the garment? 
  • GREEN – Go. 100% natural fibres. As long as I respect this garment it’s the better choice for Mother Nature.

When tagging and pricing clothes, we’ll also be considering the work involved and perceived value involved.

Token and Pricing Guide

When you donate items for the Swap, you’ll receive tokens based on the price list below. Garments will ‘sell’ for the same price – there’s no markup! You can make purchases with either tokens or money (cash or card).

RED – 100% Man-made & cellulose fibre fabrics

  1. Casual tops, shorts, kids clothing $1 token
  2. Blouses, Skirts/Pants $2 token
  3. Dresses/Jumpsuits $3 token
  4. Jumpers/knitwear $4 token
  5. Unlined Jackets $4 token
  6. Lined Jackets $5 token
  7. Specialty dresses/outfits/Suits $5 token

YELLOW – Natural & Man-made / cellulose fibre fabrics

  1. Casual tops, shorts, kids clothing $2 token
  2. Blouses, Skirts/Pants $3 token
  3. Dresses/Jumpsuits $4 token
  4. Denim clothing $5 token
  5. Jumpers/knitwear $5 token
  6. Unlined Jackets $5
  7. Lined Jackets $6 token
  8. Specialty dresses/outfits/Suits $6 token
  9. Sustainable Brands $2 extra

GREEN – Natural fibre fabrics

  1. Casual tops, shorts, kids clothing $3 token
  2. Blouses, Skirts/Pants $4 token
  3. Dresses/Jumpsuits $5 token
  4. Jumpers/knitwear $6 token
  5. Unlined Jackets $6
  6. Lined Jackets $7 token
  7. Specialty dresses/outfits/Suits $6 token
  8. Sustainable Brands $2 extra

Please note, we are unable to accept donations or sell shoes or accessories.

Fibre Guide

Wondering whether your garment is man-made, natural or a mix? Check this list below

Natural Fibres

Abaca or manila

Animal hair







Flax (*)














Tussah Silk




Man-Made Fibres






Cupro (Cuprammonium rayon)




Glass Fibre



Modal or Polynosic

Nylon or Polyamide














We look forward to seeing you at our next Clothing Swap with Purpose!

Katrina and Team  X


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