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Introducing The ReMaker Centre – After School Activities For Crafty Kids

ReMaker Centre

Looking for after school activities that creative kids will love?
Bring them along to our ReMaker Centre and let them have fun turning unwanted textiles into funky new items that they can wear or use.

Each week, children can drop in to the centre to learn ReMaking skills such as:

Hand sewing skills, Embroidery techniques , Screen printing techniques, Dying techniques
…and more.

Clothing Swap with Purpose ~ How it Works

Our Clothing Swaps with Purpose events are not just an opportunity for you to update your wardrobes.

We have designed the swaps to support and help you make choices that benefit not only your wardrobe but also Mother Earth and, in the process, start to understand the importance of being purposeful.

All while raising funds for schools to take part in Fundraising with Purpose.

Tee Shirt Patches ~ Purposeful & Fun

Our patches have been made from left over textiles from our workshops and upcycling projects. So not only are you extending the life of your garments but your also saving fabric going to landfill.

Our patches are easy to apply even if you don’t know how to sew.

Our 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

Our commitment to operating ethically and responsibility is driven by our passion to leave less of a footprint on our land and more footprints in the hearts of our community.

To support this we have identified a number of key aspirations that align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.