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Upcycling ~ Live Streamed Workshops

We are excited to be participating in Nillumbik Shirt Council’s Arts & Cultural Development live steaming workshop initiative. Over the month of June we are going live with 3 workshops focused on upcycling garments/accessories and we would love you to join us

Production options outside of China

If your like many brands and business around the world, that have been waiting patiently for China to resume after CNY, and now find yourself in a stressful position due to corona virus. Waiting for the manufacturers to return work was bad enough (this is not to say we don’t care about the well-being anyone we like to presume those we know are safe/well) we are faced with them running on skeleton staff due to restrictions on travel within China.

On the upside we have a few options to support the move from China to other countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India or even here in Australia. For example we just introduced a major chain store needing 9000 aprons ASAP with a trusted manufacture in Pakistan

I have almost no money left! How can I market my business?

Many small businesses start off in the home, perhaps on the kitchen table or in the dining room. You may be employed elsewhere either full time or part time. You might be a first time parent or have made a life change decision. Often there is very little money in the kitty to fund the business.

Once you have worked out what the business is going to do and who you are targeting to purchase your product or service, then you have to make your potential customers aware of the business and know where to find you. If you haven’t had any previous experience at marketing, this can be a daunting experience.

6 Things to Help Communications with your Manufacture

We I would love to tell you that once you have found a manufacturer that is willing to work with you on your product/collection it will be somewhat smooth sailing. But it’s best to plan for some bumps.