A Fitting Connection was born out of a desire to help local businesses succeed in bringing their brilliant ideas to market.

With over 20 years’ experience in fashion and textile design and production, founder Katrina Naish has seen the challenges small businesses face trying to get their ideas off the ground within a complex global industry. She has witnessed creative ideas flounder due to a lack of expertise, resources or contacts, and knows she has both the skills and drive to help. 

Katrina sees A Fitting Connection as a ‘go to’ business ally for its clients, taking care of all sorts of practicalities. For every client, the support required may be different, and rather than providing a cookie-cutter approach, Katrina takes time to understand each businesses’ particular needs and develop a unique plan of action. Katrina is then supported by a team of specialists who share her problem solving mindset and are wholly motivated to help their clients achieve success. 


Our Focus On Community and Sustainability

A Fitting Connection is proud to work with many local, sustainability-focused clients. Yet there is no getting past the fact that the fashion and textiles industry remains one of the world’s greatest polluters.

While the fast-fashion problem is a global one, we believe that starting with small, local steps is how the industry will change.

Like so many businesses in 2020, A Fitting Connection has been hit hard by coronavirus-related shutdowns. We choose to see this great pause as a blessing, allowing us time to experiment with new ideas and launch sustainability initiatives.

We have been very excited to launch our ReFashioned label and Fundraising With Purpose  campaign, both using reclaimed textile waste to produce new products. As we experiment and learn, we look forward to working on an increasingly larger scale in partnership with local fashion producers and boutiques.

We are part of the fashion sustainability revolution! If you have a textiles business and would like to say the same, please get in contact



The team at A Fitting Connection will help you put the magic into your fashion label that it deserves !

Katrina Naish
Fit Specialist ~ Production Coordinator

Founder and Director Katrina Naish has over 20 years experience in the fashion and textiles industry across design and production, and a Diploma in ‘Clothing Industry Studies’.

After working in the industry and seeing the challenges that companies experience trying to get their products off the ground, Katrina felt a strong desire to use the skills she had acquired over the years to offer assistance. Acting as ‘go to’ for whatever is needed to build a business from conception through to completion, Katrina and her team are driven to make sure your product is a great success. 

“For me the excitement begins when I first start working with a client. I see their designs, hear their aspirations and can immediately determine where to go next. What I love the most is seeing the finished product and watching how they flourish in the Industry. But it doesn’t finish there… I see every client as an ongoing project, offering them support throughout the entire journey.”

Arwen Cleary
Manual Patternmaker and Sample Machinest

Arwen has been supporting Melbourne based fashion labels over 25 years working in the clothing industry as a hands on designer and product developer which including making the pattern and sample by her very own hands. A few of the labels that she has had the pleasure of working with are Princess Highway, Tiffany Treloar, Venuss Envy, Manque Design, Avila, Printink, Body and many more.

Arwen learned her craft behind the scenes at these unique local brands, developing a broad knowledge of the entire design process. From sampling and pattern making, grading, quality control and managing production [or just sewing like a maniac to fill racks in the shop downstairs…her experience is diverse and comprehensive.

She has worked in clothing, homewares, leather goods and pet accessories with an ability to collaborate & refine the making process for reduced waste and efficiency. Her hands-on approach to sampling & production, familiarity with industrial sewing equipment and experimental approach create innovation in the products she works with. With a focus of small scale, ethical and slow fashion not only is she an assent to the team it allows her to enable independent designers to avoid overproduction.

Designer ~ Fashion Artist

As a multidisciplinary designer and artist, Tarmi has a number of feathers in her bow that include Creative Direction, Design, Fashion Art, Textile Print Design, Graphic Design and Visual Art Services. So it really depends on the project as to which feathers she pull out. She’s always up for a challenge!

With experience in many different areas of design she has settled in fashion for the past 11 years, where her art and design skills can come together to create a fabulous end product. Collaborating with fashion brands and wholesalers, she has created designs for many parts of the apparel market. These have included designs for the Womenswear, Menswear, Childrenswear and Newborn markets

Her life’s mission is to follow her heart creatively which is something that she is intimately familiar with because that urge to create never goes away.

Patternmaker, Sample Machinist and Garment Technician

Kicking off her career in the industry as a machinist for Lululemon above their Chapel Street store in 2010 was a fabulous start for Karin and she hasn’t looked back. Every door she comes to is opened with belief that it only holds great possibility behind it.


Karin has spent many years working in the fashion industry and have been exposed to many different facets of production – from large scale offshore factories to thriving ‘backyard’ sewing operations in the suburbs of Melbourne.  She’s super proud to be a part of the industry here in Melbourne, where there is a fantastic awareness of ethical, sustainable and slow fashion.  I especially love championing small business!


Ela’s career started out as a design assistant, but after about 1 year, quickly transitioned into patternmaking as I felt much more comfortable interpreting designs than coming up with the concepts to begin with. She found that she could actually get lost in the pattern process, and was captivated with the amazing flow and energy she got when created patterns/styles.


With modern technology changing the way so many industries operate is only a matter of time before the fashion industry changes. We have seen some change but not like others, as the fashion industry is still quite a hands on business. However possibilities such as 3D software, and how that can help us to cut down on the amount of samples made before we make a physical sample, is where Ela’s current area of career development is headed.

Interested in Joining the Team ?

If you are interested in joining our fantastic tight knit team and think you have what it takes to help some of the best talent in the country reach there potential, please contact Katrina today !