Fundraising with Purpose


Fundraising with Purpose offers a sustainable, feel-good way to raise money for your community while helping divert clothing from landfill.

We turn pre-loved clothing & textiles into revenue streams for your school, kindergarten, sports club or not-for-profit venture.


Here’s how it works:

You sell our ReFashioned Batik Painting Kits which can be run 100% online. For every kit sold your organisation will earn 30% of the sales. Our kits have been made from reclaimed fabric, so not only do parents and kids get a fun activity to do at home, they can feel good knowing they’re helping redirect old textiles from landfill. Plus their finished work of art is sized just right for framing or using to wrap a small gift.

You collect unwanted clothing from your community and we compensate you for every item you collect. We will turn your pre-loved items into new products, saving them from landfill.

You collect pre-loved clothing from your community and we compensate you for items collected, PLUS you sell our upcycled products for a commission, raising further funds.


  • We accept pre-loved items that are on our donation list, and pay you a set rate for every item received. The list of donatable items include shirts, activewear and neckties, which we are able to upcycle. 

  • If you go for Option 3, you can choose to promote just one, several or all of our upcycled products. Head over to the ReFashioned store to see our ever-expanding range of re-purposed fashion accessories and giftware.

  • We can also work with you to design an upcycled product that is just right for your community. If you have a bright idea, we will happily explore how we might bring it to life.

  • Plus, our unique ‘Threads Of Time’ service allows you to turn an item of clothing from a loved one into a beautiful memento or upcycled garment to remember them by.

  • We offer flexible ordering options. You can collect orders and payments from your community, or people can order directly from our online shop using a special code. Either way, you will receive a commission on sales.

Fundraising For Purpose is available across Melbourne, Australia. Free pick-up and delivery is available within 10kms of Greensborough, Victoria.

We keep our overheads low to give your organisation maximum benefit, and we will work with you to ensure your fundraising efforts are both easy and successful.

Contact us to get your Fundraising for Purpose campaign started.