Fundraising with Purpose


Fundraising with Purpose offers a sustainable, feel-good way to raise money for your community while helping divert clothing from landfill.

We turn pre-loved clothing & textiles into revenue streams for your school, kindergarten, sports club or not-for-profit venture.

Plus, we offer a school program that allows students to directly tackle the issue created by fast fashion by creating their own repurposed products to sell.


Our in-school program addresses the epic problem of textile waste by educating the most impressionable people in our community – our youth – and allowing them to create products which raise funds for their own school.

Suitable for both primary and high school students, the program delves into the issue of sustainability and teaches students to seek out solutions in an engaging, hands-on way. Students are given the opportunity to develop and create new products made from textile waste, which they then sell to raise funds.

The program sees students developing a wide range of skills through the following components:

Overview – Learning about the issues of textile waste.

Product Development – Looking at unwanted textiles with new and creative eyes, to come up with products that people will be willing to purchase.

Product Creation – Identifying what is needed to create products, and how this will come about, then working with volunteers to produce the goods.

Marketing – Creating a marketing plan and undertaking sales.

Keepsake Artwork – Designing and creating an artwork from leftover scraps.

The program runs over 5-8 weeks, with sessions presented by A Fitting Connection, supported by teacher resources and sewing by volunteers (a great way to engage with the broader community).

Schools can also explore extending the program and incorporating it into the school curriculum, with opportunities for practical applications in literacy, numeracy and art. A funding option for this can be pursued through Creative Victoria | Creative Learning Partnership.

Contact us to find out more about bringing the program to your school.

This program is primarily delivered in-person across Melbourne. However, we are also exploring options to deliver online, including to schools further afield or under COVID-19 restriction. Please contact us to discuss online options.

Teachers Resources



Sell products that have been created using unwanted clothing and textiles to raise funds for your organisation.

Choose from a range of products already listed in our ReFashioned store, or work with us to design an upcycled product that is just right for your community. We will collect pre-loved textiles (sometimes you can help with that) and sew the products, and then you sell them directly, or via our online shop. Raised funds are split 50% to your organisation and 50% to us, to cover costs and to help deliver the Fundraising With Purpose School Program in government schools.

Contact us to get your Fundraising For Purpose campaign started.

Available across Melbourne, Australia. Free pick-up and delivery is available within 10kms of Greensborough, Victoria.


Are you looking for a way to support your local community, or reduce your own fashion waste footprint in your retail store, café or other local business? Selling our ReFashioned Label products in-store is great way to do just that – with the happy side effect of warm fuzzies and extra publicity for you, alongside reciprocal community support for your business.

Our products range from fabric gift wraps to craft kits and quirky fashion accessories, and we can work with you to develop products that will suit your clientele. There is even an opportunity to recycle your own excess fashion or textile stock into new products that you can then sell.

Profits from sales go to supporting our Fundraising With Purpose In Schools Program, which teaches children how to create their own upcycled products that are sold for fundraising purposes. Thus your sale of our ReFashioned products ends up giving back twice.

To make your own contribution tackling textile waste and supporting your community, please contact us