Fit Specialist  ~ Production Coordinator

Founder and Director Katrina Naish has over 20 years experience in the fashion and textiles industry across design and production, and a Diploma in ‘Clothing Industry Studies.’

After working in the industry and seeing the challenges that companies experience trying to get their products off the ground, Katrina felt a strong desire to use the skills she had acquired over the years to offer assistance. Acting as ‘go to’ for whatever is needed to build a business from conception through to completion, Katrina and her team are driven to make sure your product is a great success. 

“For me the excitement begins when I first start working with a client. I see their designs, hear their aspirations and can immediately determine where to go next. What I love the most is seeing the finished product and watching how they flourish in the Industry. But it doesn’t finish there… I see every client as an ongoing project, offering them support throughout the entire journey.”