Eltham Copper Butterfly Accessories


Our Eltham Copper Butterfly accessories make a bold statement and add individuality to your everyday wardrobe. Whether they are worn with a classic white or black tee & pair of jeans or a casual dress, you’re sure to make a lasting impression!

– Made from reclaimed textiles

– 50% Proceeds support the conservation of the Eltham Copper Butterflies

– Dimensions range from 6cm x 8cm to 7cm x 10.5cm

– Australian Made

As we are creating these products from textiles saved from landfill, each item is unique and it's not possible to photograph all colours/patterns. If you would prefer a certain colour or pattern please tell us the colours you would like featured. We will then send options for you to choose from. If you have chosen more than one item we will be sure to send coordinating colours./patterns.