6 Tonnes of textiles is being sent to landfill  every ten minutes in Australia

Which is equal to 31 kilograms per person every year.

It’s a shocking statistic, and it’s time we re-think the fast-fashion cycle.

At A Fitting Connection, we are determined to become part of the solution, embracing sustainable fashion and closing the loop by upcycling pre-loved textiles.

Since COVID lockdowns and restrictions charities are overwhelmed with donations and we don’t have an effective way to recycle textiles here in Australia.Counties that use to take our textiles to recycle are either still closed, reducing what they accept or no longer taking our textile waste. This all leading to huge landfill issues

Our ReFashioned label tackles this problem by upcycling old clothes & textiles to give them a second life.

By purchasing our products made of reclaimed fabric, or even having your own old clothes re-purposed, you can feel good knowing you are making more sustainable fashion choices.

Eco Stores & Fashion Businesses

Develop custom items using reclaimed fabric or turn your excess stock into unique and saleable new pieces. Contact us to find out more.

Fundraising With Purpose

Supporting your community with sustainable fundraising solutions, where you earn money while helping save the planet. Shop here

ReFashioned Online Store

An ever-changing range of limited-edition fashion and gift items made from reclaimed textiles.



A much-loved cardigan finds new life as a winter scarf and slouch beanie.