We are excited to bring our message of sustainable fashion to groups of children and adults, through sessions that are not only educational, but also hands-on, entertaining and fun. A Fitting Connection offer:

  • After-School & Holiday Workshops
  • Shopping Centre Activation Workshops
  • Children’s Party Workshops
  • Guest Speakers
  • Team Building Sessions.


What is sustainable fashion? What cool things can I make out of old clothes? Children will find out in this unique, hands-on workshop, suitable for after school and holiday programs.

Our workshop presenters will provide a brief introduction to the issues of fast fashion and textile waste, then it’s down to business cutting up old textiles and giving them a new life as upcycled gifts and accessories. You can choose what you’d like the group to create, including:

  • Fabric collage artworks
  • Scented sachets
  • Dog toys made from old tennis balls and textiles
  • Necklaces and scarves made from old t-shirts
  • Fabric painting makeovers to extend the life of well-loved clothes.

Workshops are aimed at primary school aged children and run for approx. 2 hours, but can be tailored to suit your particular age-range and time-frame.

Workshops run across Melbourne. 

Please contact us to enquire.

After School ReMaker Centre

ReMaker Centre

Looking for an after-school activity for your crafty kid? Our weekly ReMaker Centre provides children with a wonderful opportunity to exercise their creativity while learning new skills, turning unwanted textiles into new items.

Each week, children can drop in to the centre to learn ReMaking skills including:

  • Hand sewing skills
  • Embroidery techniques
  • Screen printing techniques
  • Dying techniques.

Sessions will be a mix of set activities aimed at teaching these skills, along with free time to dream up big ideas, and independent problem solving. Some weeks the children will finish their products in one session, while other projects will be worked on over several weeks.

Whether turning old tee shirts into necklaces, or upcycling pre-loved clothes into wearable art, we guarantee the children will love spending time at the ReMaker centre.

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Looking for a birthday party idea that’s creative, different and environmentally sustainable? Got a birthday child who loves crafting, design or fashion? Our party workshops provide a whole lotta crafting fun with a whole lotta heart.

We will show children how to give pesky textile waste a second life by upcycling into gifts and accessories. The birthday child can choose what they’d like to create, with options including:

  • Tote bags
  • Jewellery pouches
  • Fabric collage artworks
  • Scented sachets
  • Dog toys made from old tennis balls and textiles
  • Necklaces and scarves made from old t-shirts
  • Fabric painting makeovers of tired old clothes.

At the end of the workshop, each child will have their very own creation to keep – if you’re looking to cut back on waste or expense, it can even double as their take-home party favour.

Party workshops run for up to 2 hours, and are suitable for primary school aged children, tweens and teenagers. Activities are designed to appeal to all children, so whether you’re planning a party for boys, girls or any gender, we’ll make sure it’s a hit. We tailor the workshop to suit your age group, interests, desired time frame and number of guests, and we provide all materials needed.

Party workshops run across Melbourne, and prices vary according to group size and projects undertaken. 

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Imaginative activity stations allow parents and children to work together on smaller scale projects on a come-and-go basis, turning old textiles into new treasures that the children can take home. Choose from the upcycling ideas above, or we can tailor-make an experience for you.

Activations are available across Melbourne. 

Please contact us to find out more.


A Fitting Connection is a passionate promoter of sustainability within the fashion industry, and we are excited to share our message with fashion industry organisations, businesses, schools and community groups through our guest speaker program.

Our speakers are experts in their own fashion fields – including design, patternmaking and construction – who are also championing more eco-friendly practices within their own sphere.

Whether you are hosting a solution-oriented workshop as part of Melbourne Fashion Week or want to introduce the topic of sustainable fashion to a school group, we can tailor an engaging presentation to suit your aims. Topics include:

  • Solving the problem of fast fashion – what is it, and what can each do about it.

  • Sustainable fashion champions – designers and makers that are changing the industry for the better.

  • Create your own sustainable fashion or textiles label – how to keep your dream truly green.

  • How to collate and maintain your dream wardrobe so that it’s smart, sustainable and suits your lifestyle.

Please contact us to enquire.



Looking for a team building session or charity idea for your workplace or organisation? Our Refashioned workshops offer your group a chance to connect, learn something new, and to raise funds to support our Fundraising With Purpose In Schools program.

Over the course of a half day or full day, your group will do some or all of the following:

  • Learn just how big an issue textile waste is.
  • Find practical ways to address the problem.
  • Design a saleable product that recycles textile waste and raises funds.
  • Get hands-on creating a prototype.
  • Create a production and marketing plan.

At the end of the session, your team will have a unique, upcycled product that they can produce and sell to raise funds for our school program, in which the children also develop products to sell and raise money for their local community. The funds raised by your team end up flowing through to school community projects, and your charitable work gives twice!

Sessions are available across Melbourne and are tailored to suit your desired time frame and group goals.

To find out more, please send us an enquiry.